About Us


To show you the beauty of Algarve, we decided to create a different kind of tour. Tours that takes you to unique places so you can feel free, young and one with everything.

Forget about those impersonal and stressing tours that always take people to the same places. We want to take you to sites and places of this little Corner of Algarve, creating a pack full of magic and adventure. Lagos, Sagres, Aljezur, Monchique, all this is within our Backyard.

We also want to provide you the opportunity to know more about the Portuguese people and our history, not to mention, the younger generations through us.

Lets go for a walk, drink and eat some good stuff and enjoy life. Meanwhile, we can always learn some curiosities and have fun!

Backyard Fellows
Note that Backyard Tours is a registered company in the Portuguese Public Authority of Tourism, Turismo de Portugal I.P., with the number 149/2015. We are also recognised as Natural Tourism by ICNB.

We also fulfil all legal demands and guarantee complete insurance to our clients during the tours, all for your security and comfort.

We want you to know that we have everything set and ready for you!

Probably the most fresh and Portuguese experience on this side of Algarve…

Come and join us, we’ll meet you in our BACKYARD!!

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