It is your choice!


Photography: Backyard Tours

With our job, is quiet easy to understand how lost and disconnected people are from themselves.

With all the technology nowadays, it is pretty easy to get lost… From a distance of a click!, it is easy and fast to send that message, make that phone call, capture that moment for eternity…

How many of us actually take the time to think that we really don’t need that all the time? How many of us tried to turn off our phones for a day, get some rest from the social media and everything that is happening in the world? How many of us went somewhere without the mobile phone for an entire day or weekend?

Have you done the experience and watch people you find in the street, at a café or restaurant or even at work? How many of them are on the phone or with a tablet? How many of them are taking selfies?

We won’t be hypocrites and say we don’t do the same; we also love to take pictures. We also like to hear the voices of far-away family and dearest friends; we also have mobile phones, computers, and can be found in the social media…

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Colorful Backyard

Backyard Tours - Campaínhas-do-monte, Hoop Petticoat Daffodil.JPGCampaínhas-do-monte | Hoop Petticoat Daffodil | Narcissus bulbocodium L.

At last… the days are getting longer, the Sun is shining brighter, the cool breeze is not so cold anymore!

We can already feel the winter making his arrangements to go to travel on vacations around here. What a wonderful changing. There are so many flower species, so many colours. You can be easily surprised by the shapes, colours and smells if you pay enough attention to your surroundings around these parts.

I can smell the presence of alecrim (rosemary), tomilho (thyme) or alfazema (lavender)  all around. I can see their flowers blooming, and in between, I look at the ordinary margaridas (daisies), or see myself be surprised by the weird looking orquidea dos macaquinhos pendurados (naked man orchid).

Backyard Tours - Margaridas, Daisies.JPG
Margaridas | Daisies | Bellis perennis

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A Different Kind of Love


Photo credit: Backyard Tours

Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day of the year, they say. It is true, although we all should be romantic all year long. After all, it is important to show and transmit your love to your beloved ones, each and everyday… And remember, love comes in every kind of ways: small gestures, smiles, hugs, everyday “good morning” or “good night”… Tiny things that we usually take for granted or barely notice.

Easily we forgot to show how we love something or someone; life keeps running at 1000 km/h and we hardly can handle it. However, we’ve to stop once in a while and be able to appreciate and to be grateful for what we have.

And we do. We appreciate and love our little Portugal, and the Algarve, in particular. We love our country and the best way to spread our love is through you and with you.

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Backyard Tours 2016

First of all, Backyard Tours Team want to wish you all a happy 2016!

It is incredible how time flies! Actually, it’s a funny thing if you think about it –time; it seems Holidays were yesterday when in fact, it has been almost a month before. After spending moments with the family and friends, relaxing and take the most out of the beauty of it, it is finally time to get back to work, to the “real life”.

Last year was Backyard Tours first year and we have to say, it was amazing! We met fantastic people, whom we call friends nowadays; we had thrilling moments and everyday was an adventure.

We wish the same thing for this year, but in double or triple! We wish to meet more interesting people and being able to show them the beautiful Algarve, that is our home – and after all, our backyard.


Photo credit: Backyard Tours

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Things to do in Lagos


What is there to do in Lagos, Algarve?

Some just want to relax, have their spot in the beach, and choose our amazing Algarve to do so, because they have heard about Lagos as having some of the best beaches in Europe and in the world.

They also know that Portuguese people are simple, quiet and humble, and therefore know that this is the right place to have an invigorating vacation – not only no one will bother them, but at the same time, if needing help, they’ll find a Portuguese fellow happy and ready right away.

The possible next most common reason to visit Lagos, are the water sports. The popularity of water sports in Lagos, have been growing like crazy the last few years, and due to the wondrous natural monuments and beauty around here, everybody ends up trying at least one of the possible sea adventures (surfing, kayaking, paddling, diving, among others).

Others, come for the great and spiritual Lagos’ nightlife. Lagos is certainly the right place for those who are searching for a little craziness – some booze and summer love stories to tell to their friends after returning home.

Lagos is all that. That’s right! But it can be so much more. The Backyard Tours are trying to leave a different impression on visitors. Change people’s mind about Lagos, the Algarve and the Portuguese people.

We’re the new Portuguese generation, but we don’t forget about our ancestors, our History and our identity. We are ready to show everything there is to know about Lagos and Sagres, in a really relaxed and comfortable way… the new generation’s way.

We only need your company to make that happen. Come with us, send us an email, talk to us through our facebook or blog.

Be carefree, be adventurous!!

Backyard Tours

Summer Is Here!


We couldn’t leave this huge happening passing by without notice.

The Summer is one of the happiest times in my point of view. There’s always Sun, we don’t have to worry much with what to wear, and oh!, the Summer nights… One of the best things in life!

I’m not saying that the other seasons aren’t nice, or that I don’t enjoy the changing – not at all. But this time of the year is different: there’s more life in the air and you can easily be persuaded by those energies.

Now, can you imagine that on Paradise?!? Well, that’s where we are. Lagos, in Portugal’s South region, the Algarve. No place better to feel those small and pleasant sun bites, the refreshing breeze, taste and smell so many new things. Nourish the soul, cherish life.

That is the experience Marli and me want to share with those “crazy” enough to join us.

Wish you all a great Summer, full of good things, feelings and memories to be remembered.

Backyard Tours