It is your choice!


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With our job, is quiet easy to understand how lost and disconnected people are from themselves.

With all the technology nowadays, it is pretty easy to get lost… From a distance of a click!, it is easy and fast to send that message, make that phone call, capture that moment for eternity…

How many of us actually take the time to think that we really don’t need that all the time? How many of us tried to turn off our phones for a day, get some rest from the social media and everything that is happening in the world? How many of us went somewhere without the mobile phone for an entire day or weekend?

Have you done the experience and watch people you find in the street, at a café or restaurant or even at work? How many of them are on the phone or with a tablet? How many of them are taking selfies?

We won’t be hypocrites and say we don’t do the same; we also love to take pictures. We also like to hear the voices of far-away family and dearest friends; we also have mobile phones, computers, and can be found in the social media…

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The Art of Fishing

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Slowly you get to know the best our country has to offer – the wine, the people, and the gastronomy for sure… But we also must not forget something very important and which makes part of our culture, the fishing tradition.

Having the Atlantic Ocean as one of our neighbors and the 3rd biggest Exclusive Economic Zone of Europe – 11th in the World -, made us look at the Sea as way out, as a partner, that would almost provide all the raw materials and food we need, and thus our strong connection with it!

Fishing is an ancient art, and for centuries we see our Men departing to high seas and to return with the goods, result of their hard-work: wide variety of fresh fish, that will turn into a delight on our mouths and satisfy our tummies.

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Portugal, The Land of Good Wines

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When people come to the Algarve and ask us where they can find the best wine/vineyards in the region, our answer is: in the North.

Our country has a big wine production and it’s wide to all regions, from North to South. But the big part of wine production comes from the North, specifically from the Douro region.

Although Algarve is also a wine producer, the total of production is very low compared with other Portuguese regions, but the funny fact is that the percentage of certified wine (DOC or DOP) is higher than other parts of the country, but it’s because since there is very few wine, they can only compete with the rest of the country by being of very good quality.

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A Different Kind of Love


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Valentine’s Day. The most romantic day of the year, they say. It is true, although we all should be romantic all year long. After all, it is important to show and transmit your love to your beloved ones, each and everyday… And remember, love comes in every kind of ways: small gestures, smiles, hugs, everyday “good morning” or “good night”… Tiny things that we usually take for granted or barely notice.

Easily we forgot to show how we love something or someone; life keeps running at 1000 km/h and we hardly can handle it. However, we’ve to stop once in a while and be able to appreciate and to be grateful for what we have.

And we do. We appreciate and love our little Portugal, and the Algarve, in particular. We love our country and the best way to spread our love is through you and with you.

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Summer Is Here!


We couldn’t leave this huge happening passing by without notice.

The Summer is one of the happiest times in my point of view. There’s always Sun, we don’t have to worry much with what to wear, and oh!, the Summer nights… One of the best things in life!

I’m not saying that the other seasons aren’t nice, or that I don’t enjoy the changing – not at all. But this time of the year is different: there’s more life in the air and you can easily be persuaded by those energies.

Now, can you imagine that on Paradise?!? Well, that’s where we are. Lagos, in Portugal’s South region, the Algarve. No place better to feel those small and pleasant sun bites, the refreshing breeze, taste and smell so many new things. Nourish the soul, cherish life.

That is the experience Marli and me want to share with those “crazy” enough to join us.

Wish you all a great Summer, full of good things, feelings and memories to be remembered.

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The Portuguese Way of Life

Lagos Tours

Don’t you think that travelling is all about knowing new people, try new things, taste different food, learn a little about the country and people you’re visiting? To connect, make new friends, enjoy life…

Well, I do. That was always our idea, right from the beginning.

That’s why we consider ourselves like outsiders from the Tourism Industry that lives at Algarve, because in order to show others the truly Portuguese spirit, we have to do so.

With us, you can actually feel like you are with friends, experiencing new things and have a non-touristic Portuguese view of life.

To the few that have came with us, a huge thank you! You are all very special to us.

To the ones who might have the same opinion about travelling or like the idea, forget if you are shy, older or if you don’t know anything about our little Portugal. It doesn’t matter if you are man or women, black or white, tall or short, with a huge bear or bold, an engineer or a waiter… All it matters is your spirit and will to have some fun!

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