Praise the Day of Portugal!

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Did you know that today we are celebrating the Day of Portugal?

Our last post was also a about a celebration – April 25th -, and the truth is, the day of today is somehow related with the Carnation Revolution.

But June 10 is not only the Day of Portugal, but also the Day of Camões and the Portuguese Communities. What a kerfuffle!

Let us briefly explain. Luís de Camões was a poet in the 16th Century and he represented the homeland, splendor and glory of Portugal. We will write about him in another post, but we leave here the idea of how important he was, inspirational human being, praising the Portuguese and all our glories.

Since he was a reference, when our First Republic was establish in 1910, it was decreed that June 10 would be his day – precisely the day he died in the year of 1580.

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1974, April 25th Carnation Revolution

25 de Abril 1974.jpg

An important date is coming closer for the Portuguese people – April 25th, Dia da Liberdade (Freedom Day). It is of the most importance and still very recent.

Let us tell you why… Before 1974, Portugal was in a fascist regime, the Estado Novo (“New State”), under the Minister President, António de Oliveira Salazar control, for four decades. Portugal was a poor country and was constantly oppressed in civil rights and political freedom. Many people debate if this was or not a fascist regime, but it was an authoritarian conservative regime certainly.

Salazar.jpgAntónio de Oliveira Salazar

Reaching a point of big depression and decay, a group of Portuguese low-ranking militaries gathered and created the MFA- Movimento das Forças Armadas (Armed Forces Movement), in Lisbon, to end with Estado Novo regime and change the government into a democracy.

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December 1st of 1640, A Day to Remember

Aclamação de João IV de Portugal, por Veloso Salgado.jpg

Aclamação de D. João IV de Portugal, Veloso Salgado

Quick Portuguese History lesson: December 1st of 1640, a day that every Portuguese should know and remember.

When our young and reckless king D. Sebastião (1557-1578) disappeared and certainly died in Africa, he left our country with no heirs or someone that could take control of everything. What happened next was that in 1581, Filipe II (1527 – 1598) of Spain is claimed king and he takes our country under is hood. For six long decades, Portugal shared the King with Spain, which we call “Filipino Domain”.

Spain was in control not only of our territory, but also all the economies, exports and imports, as well as our maritime traffic and army. Is like Portugal was a small province of Spain, where people where forced to pay taxes and fees to the Spanish Empire.

But Spain was also struggling with their own problems: some regions of Spain (Catalunha and Andaluzia) where in some conflicts and mutinies, and therefore the King Filipe IV of Spain, III of Portugal (1605 – 1665) had all his attention directed to those areas.

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Things to do in Lagos


What is there to do in Lagos, Algarve?

Some just want to relax, have their spot in the beach, and choose our amazing Algarve to do so, because they have heard about Lagos as having some of the best beaches in Europe and in the world.

They also know that Portuguese people are simple, quiet and humble, and therefore know that this is the right place to have an invigorating vacation – not only no one will bother them, but at the same time, if needing help, they’ll find a Portuguese fellow happy and ready right away.

The possible next most common reason to visit Lagos, are the water sports. The popularity of water sports in Lagos, have been growing like crazy the last few years, and due to the wondrous natural monuments and beauty around here, everybody ends up trying at least one of the possible sea adventures (surfing, kayaking, paddling, diving, among others).

Others, come for the great and spiritual Lagos’ nightlife. Lagos is certainly the right place for those who are searching for a little craziness – some booze and summer love stories to tell to their friends after returning home.

Lagos is all that. That’s right! But it can be so much more. The Backyard Tours are trying to leave a different impression on visitors. Change people’s mind about Lagos, the Algarve and the Portuguese people.

We’re the new Portuguese generation, but we don’t forget about our ancestors, our History and our identity. We are ready to show everything there is to know about Lagos and Sagres, in a really relaxed and comfortable way… the new generation’s way.

We only need your company to make that happen. Come with us, send us an email, talk to us through our facebook or blog.

Be carefree, be adventurous!!

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