Never Late for a Good Cause!


Photography: Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa 

Nature and Wildlife lovers as we are, we try to pass to others the good practice of conservation and respect for the elements that surrrounds us.

This year we decided to go a little bit further and try to be more helpful. Because we don’t need only to have a voice, we need to be active as well!

Therefore, for each person that join us in a tour, 1€ will go to our fund to the cause we joined, which is to help the Iberian Lynx! It doesn’t sound like much, but we are sure that in the end it will make all the difference.

And why the Iberian Lynx? To tell you the truth, it was quiet difficult for us to choose a cause, since – unfortunately -, there are so many species and Nature related projects that deserve all our attention and help.

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It is your choice!


Photography: Backyard Tours

With our job, is quiet easy to understand how lost and disconnected people are from themselves.

With all the technology nowadays, it is pretty easy to get lost… From a distance of a click!, it is easy and fast to send that message, make that phone call, capture that moment for eternity…

How many of us actually take the time to think that we really don’t need that all the time? How many of us tried to turn off our phones for a day, get some rest from the social media and everything that is happening in the world? How many of us went somewhere without the mobile phone for an entire day or weekend?

Have you done the experience and watch people you find in the street, at a café or restaurant or even at work? How many of them are on the phone or with a tablet? How many of them are taking selfies?

We won’t be hypocrites and say we don’t do the same; we also love to take pictures. We also like to hear the voices of far-away family and dearest friends; we also have mobile phones, computers, and can be found in the social media…

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A Very Sweet Post!

Backyard Tours - Bolo de Mel, Monchique.JPG

Photography: Backyard Tours

For those who know a little bit about Portugal, certainly know that the gastronomy is one of our fortes.

It is tremendously rich from North to South; inland, where the stews and broths are typical, or in the coastline, where the fish and shellfish are kings and the freshest there is. Not to mention the desserts, simply divine!

In the Algarve, most of the sweets are made with almonds, carob and honey, since the region is known for the production of those same ingredients.

And today, we decided to bring you a recipe typical from Monchique, the mountain side and limits of the Algarve.

Monchique, among many things, is known for the fantastic and delicious honey. There isn’t a place where you can find a more pure, golden and marvelous honey than the one from Monchique.

Hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and don’t forget, if you ever visit the Algarve, try this delicacy! 😉

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The Art of Fishing

Backyard Tours - Fishing Art.JPG

Slowly you get to know the best our country has to offer – the wine, the people, and the gastronomy for sure… But we also must not forget something very important and which makes part of our culture, the fishing tradition.

Having the Atlantic Ocean as one of our neighbors and the 3rd biggest Exclusive Economic Zone of Europe – 11th in the World -, made us look at the Sea as way out, as a partner, that would almost provide all the raw materials and food we need, and thus our strong connection with it!

Fishing is an ancient art, and for centuries we see our Men departing to high seas and to return with the goods, result of their hard-work: wide variety of fresh fish, that will turn into a delight on our mouths and satisfy our tummies.

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Sweet D. Rodrigo!

Backyard Tours, Lagos.JPG

With Christmas Day so close, it is time to start thinking about Christmas gifts. Personally, the best gift someone can give me is food. Yes, food! And if it is something related with baking or if it is something sweet… Oh my, even better! I’m a food enthusiast and have a really big sweet tooth over here!

I believe there are a lot of people like me and if you are one of them or have friends like that, Backyard Tours team have a wonderful and truly Christmas sweet suggestion to present – D. Rodrigo! 🙂

It is a typical and traditional sweet from the Algarve. It is believed it was born in Lagos around 1755 – also atragic year for Portugal! A big earthquake occurred and destroyed a big part of the Portuguese coastline, where the Algarve was severely damaged leaving an almost complete devastation.

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No Excuses to Stay Still…

Backyard Tours Lagos.JPG

Photo credit: Backyard Tours

For a long time we haven’t been able to come and say “hi” to all of you that are on that side, but the truth is that we had a beautiful Summer this year and therefore we’ve been busy in a good way! We met so many interesting people we visited amazing places and shared a lot of good laughs. Now is the time to say “until next year!” and prepare ourselves to have a blast of a 2017.

But it doesn’t mean that we have to stay put and not enjoy the outdoors just because Summer is over. Fall is also a great time to hike and to do outdoor activities. The weather is still enjoyable and if you’re lucky, you can still have some sunny warm days. You just need to open your door and go for it!

That is what we are going to do… And in fact, we already started! 😉

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