Never Late for a Good Cause!


Photography: Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa 

Nature and Wildlife lovers as we are, we try to pass to others the good practice of conservation and respect for the elements that surrrounds us.

This year we decided to go a little bit further and try to be more helpful. Because we don’t need only to have a voice, we need to be active as well!

Therefore, for each person that join us in a tour, 1€ will go to our fund to the cause we joined, which is to help the Iberian Lynx! It doesn’t sound like much, but we are sure that in the end it will make all the difference.

And why the Iberian Lynx? To tell you the truth, it was quiet difficult for us to choose a cause, since – unfortunately -, there are so many species and Nature related projects that deserve all our attention and help.


Photography: Jardim Zoológico de Lisboa

But until not so long ago, the Lynx still shared the land with Man in our country.
For those who don’t know, this type of lynx has for itself a very small habitat, as it only lives in the Iberian Peninsula (Portugal and Spain). At the moment, there is only two reproductive population of lynx in Spain, in Doñana and Andujár-Cardeña

In Portugal, the lynx would live such areas as the Algarve, in Monchique Mountain Chain and Caldeirão Mountain Chain, as well in other areas of the country – Vale do Guadiana Natural Park, Moura and Barrancos, Malcata Natural Park and some other areas in the North of the country.

The idea about choosing the lynx is because it is on a breakpoint. A small help can make a huge difference and in a matter of a couple of year we can start to encounter these beautiful animals in the wild again.

The reason why it disappeared is – unfortunately like many other species around the world -, because of the destruction of its habitat. In particular because of fires, destruction of the woods and forests, and for last, the lack of food, as the lynx has a special diet.

It is a heart breaking add this beautiful wild cat to the “In Danger, Crytical” list. We are trying to change that. With our fund and future contributions, we are hoping to help these people and Natural projects that work hard in the salvation of this specie and others.

We hope we will never see the Iberian Lynx as “Feline, Extinct”.

Note: in the end of our season, we will share the total amount in our Facebook page.

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