It is your choice!


Photography: Backyard Tours

With our job, is quiet easy to understand how lost and disconnected people are from themselves.

With all the technology nowadays, it is pretty easy to get lost… From a distance of a click!, it is easy and fast to send that message, make that phone call, capture that moment for eternity…

How many of us actually take the time to think that we really don’t need that all the time? How many of us tried to turn off our phones for a day, get some rest from the social media and everything that is happening in the world? How many of us went somewhere without the mobile phone for an entire day or weekend?

Have you done the experience and watch people you find in the street, at a café or restaurant or even at work? How many of them are on the phone or with a tablet? How many of them are taking selfies?

We won’t be hypocrites and say we don’t do the same; we also love to take pictures. We also like to hear the voices of far-away family and dearest friends; we also have mobile phones, computers, and can be found in the social media…

But when we are out there, in that trail, in that forest, with our bare feet in the sand… When we are surfing, kayaking, riding the bike… We know it is an “us” time. Time to enjoy Nature and the surroundings, and everything Nature gives back. And even when we are not doing those things, we have to know just when to take a brake, breathe and try to experience the world through our own eyes, fingers… Well, you get the point! 🙂

By the end, what we are trying to say is that it is time to learn to look with our eyes and our souls first. See and aspire everything we can. Time to learn to keep moments and places in our hearts, and be grateful. And then, who knows… Take a picture just to remind us later of that special place, or just… Don’t! That’s the conclusion. After all, it is your choice!

Backyard Team

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