Praise the Day of Portugal!

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Photography: Backyard Tours

Did you know that today we are celebrating the Day of Portugal?

Our last post was also a about a celebration – April 25th -, and the truth is, the day of today is somehow related with the Carnation Revolution.

But June 10 is not only the Day of Portugal, but also the Day of Camões and the Portuguese Communities. What a kerfuffle!

Let us briefly explain. Luís de Camões was a poet in the 16th Century and he represented the homeland, splendor and glory of Portugal. We will write about him in another post, but we leave here the idea of how important he was, inspirational human being, praising the Portuguese and all our glories.

Since he was a reference, when our First Republic was establish in 1910, it was decreed that June 10 would be his day – precisely the day he died in the year of 1580.

This day started to be praised with fervor during the regime of New State (Estado Novo) under Salazar rules – you can read more about it here. Even before the revolution, the name and concept behind the holiday, already celebrated the colonies and people of all places that were part of Portugal. But after the military coup in April 25th of 1974, the name changed into Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das Comunidades Portuguesas – Day of Portugal, of Camões and the Portuguese Communities -, celebrating every Porguese speaker and all people connected with the Portuguese history!

That is one reason why we can witness its celebration a bit everywhere in the World nowadays, since Portugal had colonies in the 5 Continents; also because of all the Portuguese emigrants living in other countries. For example, it is celebrated in the Autonomous Community of Extremadura (Spain), in Toronto (Canada), in London (England), in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo (Brasil).

Rather you are in Portugal or not, we nevertheless wish you a happy Dia de Portugal, de Camões e das ComunidadesPortuguesas! 🙂

See you on our Backyard!


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